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My name is Durand Vadnais – SuccessSherpa is your guide to delivering Enterprise Customer Success and my personal advisory brand. I share work or interesting news here (in my free time!?) while helping build full-stack customer success from $1M to $100M+ in ARR responsibility.

I spent the first decade of my career as a marketer where I learned much about how to distill value, and then ultimately grew into owning the full lifecycle of revenue retention, expansion, P&L and key strategic relationships with customers like eBay, HP, and Expedia. The incredible growth of the Customer Success field found me in 2014 –  taking a role with Bazaarvoice (NYSE:BV) as leadership scaled-up a massive customer success effort to better engage those strategic Enterprise brand and retail clients with $1M+ in ARR. This was really an opportunity to leverage everything I had learned to work with many of the world’s top brands, and across core functional teams to drive significant value at scale.

Today, I advise a number of leading companies on best-in-class client success while working with an impressive, entrepreneurial leadership team at InStride on a revolutionary mission: transforming Enterprises and their communities through (ROI positive!) workforce education.  I like to lead by example leveraging two decades of real-world Enterprise customer facing experience, and enjoy collaborating with others on how to proactively build healthy client relationships at scale.

I’m hopeful that my blog will help us get to know each other better and look forward to hearing from you!

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SuccessSherpa™ is your guide to delivering SaaS Customer Success (and my personal blog). Thank you for visiting!

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Durand Vadnais

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