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SuccessSherpa is my personal blog where I share work or interesting highlights while helping build full-stack customer success from $1M to $100M+ in ARR.

I spent the first decade of my career as a marketer where I learned much about how to tell a story + distill value, and then ultimately grew into owning the full lifecycle of revenue retention, expansion, P&L and key strategic relationships with customers like eBay, HP, and Expedia.

The fast growth of the Customer Success field found me in 2014 –  taking a role with Bazaarvoice (NYSE:BV) as leadership scaled-up to engage those strategic brand and retail clients with $1M+ in ARR and mitigate a 27% annual churn problem (~$49M/year!).  We ultimately reduced gross churn to just 11% in under two years while also dramatically improving net retained revenue through value-add expansion efforts.

I’ve since gone on to build and scale customer facing teams for Node AI (acquired by Sugar CRM), and InStride – Strategic Enterprise Education with similar results while serving some of the world’s top brands.  Today, I work with early stage companies and aspiring customer success leaders to drive retention, advocacy and expansion.   

Areas where I can help include:

  • Talent acquisition
  • End-to-end strategy 
  • Team coaching & development
  • Fractional/Success as a Service
  • Business Operations

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SuccessSherpa™ is your guide to delivering SaaS Customer Success (and my personal blog). Thank you for visiting!

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Durand Vadnais

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