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$39M ROI = Renewal

I’m happy to say that our team closed-out an amazing finish to CY 2019,  achieving 100% renewal in Q4 with two sizeable Enterprise agreements in-flight – whew!

How did we do it? Doubling-down on partnerships with key stakeholders – helping them to become absolute heroes by ultimately demonstrating valuable insights and clear, indisputable ROI.

One client in particular, Mitel, stands-out this last quarter given the sheer scale of their business, and our connectivity to the highest levels of the executive suite.

Through much coordination and close partnership with D2D contacts (thank you Giovanni C!), we delivered our year-end QBR to the Digital Demand Generation team (including Mitel’s CMO) that demonstrated not only a considerable number of mission-critical insights for their business, but most importantly $39M of ROI.

If only I could share the entire presentation here, we provided 30 pages of succinct data, a thing of beauty, that as the customer progressively agreed with everything we were sharing – arrived at a figure for our total impact that they couldn’t dispute.

While I’m the first to appreciate all of the nuanced processes, technology, and great relationships that go into making Customer Success what it is – there is truly no substitute for understanding your customer’s business and how you serve to better it (significantly).

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