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Bazaarvoice Inspire Series

I’ve been lucky enough to host (2) workshops now for ~100 client stakeholders each as part of our Bazaarvoice Inspire series.

This has proven to truly be one of the best ways to engage clients in a non-salesy (no offense), value-added way. Literally helping clients understand the landscape of challenges and solutions in the pursuit of their key objectives through the lens of industry subject matter experts, and also leveraging (with much less focus) the capabilities of our product as it fits into the strategy or tactics.

The sessions start at 9 AM with pastries, coffee – break for lunch at noon, and continue from 1-3 PM with coffee to go. Attendees are largely VP and above ecommerce or product focused leaders interested in learning not only from industry SMEs, but from other clients as well.

One tip for anyone else hosting something similar is to have stories or examples ready if the audience isn’t ready to answer a particular questions or provide their own examples.

I hope to do many more of these!

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